Jeramie Bellmay of Atavus Couture looking into the camera wearing custom sterling silver jaw jewelry, spectacles, ear cuffs, and jeweled weights



Atavus is the culmination of the life’s work of Jeramie Bellmay as an artist, creator, and innovative visionary. His work is an ongoing exploration of transformation with consideration to real world practicality and wearability, with a profound focus on the intimacy of creating pieces that are inspired by a person’s physical and energetic presence in the world. In this way he is able to create adornment not just for someone but of someone. 

transcend the boundaries of the human form

the vision

jewelry inspired

by evolution

Atavus is driven by the idea of celebrating each individual’s uniqueness, crafting custom jewelry that not only illuminates but also enhances the inherent features that make every person one-of-a-kind. The name “Atavus” draws its inspiration from the concept of “atavism,” rooted in evolutionary science, where organisms exhibit traits of their distant ancestors. The persistence of these dormant genes across generations fuels our imagination to envision a world beyond our current human form, and to explore the enduring beauty of these recessive traits that have visually vanished, but still linger in our DNA.

The process


Precious metals

Our jewelry is designed using life casts of your body, which allows us to tailor your jewelry to fit every curve and contour perfectly. The result is adornment that fits like a second skin, allowing you to navigate the world without fussing with or losing your jewelry. Dance, flip upside down, live your wildest dreams, your jewelry will stay put without uncomfortable pressure or the need for adhesives. Ears, fingers, faces; our process allows us to adorn just about any part of your body you can imagine with precious metals, unique gemstones, and above all…style.

the future

elevating the art of adornment

Our most popular creations have undoubtedly been our ear cuffs, perfectly wrapping the ear in precious metal and gemstones and completely reframing the face. Being able to use the body as our template allows us to achieve the same striking results for any part of the body, turning your unique visions into realities. Our craftsmanship and our ability to translate your individuality into couture, heirloom jewelry, ensures that each piece is a unique work of art that contributes to a cohesive and elevated complete aesthetic.